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LYN of Crypto World


(200,000,000 LYN)

Airdrop will ends on Dec 20 2021.

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The Lynx Swap token will appear on the Pancakeswap exchanges on December 20, 2021.

PRESALE PRICE: 1 LYN = 0.000000003 USD

LISTING PRICE: 1 LYN = 0.000000006 USD

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Min buy 0.01 BNB (10,000,000,000 LYN)

Max buy 5 BNB (50,000,000,000 LYN)


(Please Connect to Binance Smart Chain first.)

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Refer and Get 60% of all Claim/Buy and 40% of BNB !

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Token Name - Lynx Swap Token

Token Symbol - LYN

Token Decimal - 18

Contract Address - 0xA3FAcc9798356E54a35F45e6F5BCaBfE74c4Bc20

How it works

Manual & Auto Burns

We have burn pool of 50% of the supply.Every transaction will burn 1% of transaction amount.

Locked Liquidity

All our $Lynx Swap liquidity will be locked for next 5 years.

Anti Dumping System

We have designed this with Anti dumping feature which will control the price and our token will yeild all $Lynx Swap Holders a long term stable Return of investment for life.

Lynx Swap Token

Lynx Swap is a deflationary Token designed to become more strong over time. All holders of Lynx Swap will earn more Lynx Swap that is automatically sent to your wallet by simply by holding Lynx Swap Token in your wallet. Watch the amount of Lynx Swap grow in your wallet as all holders automatically receive a 10% fee from every transaction.

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